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Choosing the best antivirus solution can be an overwhelming activity.

There are so many technical details, features to comprehend, packages to choose from, and all you want to do is simply get the best protection for the lowest price and go about doing your thing safely.

Let's be honest! When it comes to antivirus protection, there are significant differences between the top antivirus brands and choosing the perfect solution depends on the speciffic needs of each user.
Based on hours of research, multiple tests and evaluations, we have reviewed the best antivirus software to give you a starting point into choosing the right antivirus. For the highly technical reader looking to get more details about specific features please read our detailed antivirus reviews. We did the research so you don't have to.

Provides excellent virus protection, an extensive list of features and minimum impact on system performance.

  • Highly rated virus detection capabilities
  • Basic package with premium features
  • Chat safely in popular social networks
  • Surf the web safely and anonymously
  • Extend battery life on laptops and tablets
  • Protect mobile devices from physical theft
Bitdefender Box
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High-accuracy, low-impact antivirus with online backup capabilities

  • Detects viruses without false flaggings
  • Back up data and store it in the cloud
  • Protects your usernames and passwords
  • Prevent hacker infiltration with ease
  • Manage your devices from an online portal
  • Prevent and recover from identity theft
Norton Box
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Fast and efficient antivirus program that is affordable and easy to use for everyone

  • Scan your system fast and accurately
  • Protection for an entire smart home
  • Protect yourself against identity theft
  • Efficient and intuitive user interface
  • Elegant and easy to master user interface
  • Spot online scams before it's too late
BullGuard Box
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Highly accurate security solution for all your computers and devices

  • Protection for any number of devices
  • Fix security issues on PCs remotely
  • Removes malware or your money back
  • Almost no false positives recorded
  • Prevents scam attempts from reaching you
  • Store your documents in an encrypted folder
McAfee Box
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Comprehensive antivirus solutions that suites all your security needs

  • Powerful scanning and detection system
  • Undo damage caused by virus attacks
  • Protects children from harmful content
  • Clean up and optimize your computer
  • Protects data against theft and accidents
  • Feature-rich mid-range package
Kaspersky Box
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Highly effective, low-impact and affordable antivirus solution

  • Antivirus protection for unlimited devices
  • Powerful firewall that prevents hacker attacks
  • Identifies and fixes performance issues
  • Removes well-hidden and hardened malware
  • Makes online shopping much safer
  • Prevents hackers from accessing your webcam
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Smart, fast and reliable antivirus, with minimal impact on your system's performance

  • Locates and eliminates virus infections
  • Prevents hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Minimal impact on your computer's performance
  • Protects you against online scams
  • Prevents credit card information theft
  • Removes unwanted browser extensions
Avast Box
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Powerful security against numerous forms of online or offline dangers

  • Prevent virus infections from USB drives
  • Spot dangerous processes with ease
  • Identify risks in public Wi-Fi networks
  • Strong encryption for your private files
  • Store important documents in the cloud
  • Clean up and optimize your computer
Panda Box
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